6 Easy Tips for Planning Cheap Weddings

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Publish Date : 2021-02-26 06:46:35
6 Easy Tips for Planning Cheap Weddings

Weddings are a billion dollars industry in the US every year. It has become quite challenging for a common man to afford a big-budgeted wedding in which everything seems perfect. However, not everyone wants the big fat weddings. The trend of small weddings is picking up popularity, especially due to the COVID-19 circumstances. People tend to go to small gatherings keeping in view the social distancing. The concept of intimate weddings is on the rise. And they seem to be more enjoyable and fun. In this way, the stress and anxiety level are less of planning a big wedding. Moreover, you get to make memories with your close ones.

If you can’t afford a lavish wedding, then you don’t need to be worried at all. Even in your small budget, a beautiful event can be planned for your big day. You can always save money by being creative and keeping everything simple. The simpler the wedding is, the better it is.


Reasons of Choosing an Intimate Wedding Event

Small weddings are great owing to many reasons. There’s less hassle, less anxiety level of getting something wrong, and the fewer people means more satisfaction. You’re only around your loved ones; you will be happier and content. Moreover, the overall cost of the wedding is likely to be cheaper. You can spend money on other important things, like the honeymoon and other social gatherings.

The decoration is the key factor of any event. People usually spend thousands of dollars on this petite thing. You can always choose to do simple yet beautiful décor using your creative skills. Below are some ways that can help you plan your wedding on a small budget.


Use Alternative for Expensive Things

Flowers are the most important items at a wedding, and they are expensive too. If you’re planning an intimate wedding that you can always play with alternatives. For example, instead of flowers, you can use different kinds of candles in different shapes. They can be put on beautiful stands, which gives a unique and beautiful ambiance. You can use the candles at the altar and line the whole aisle. Choose the floral-scented candles to give the flowery fragrance and will look a lot more romantic than the flowers themselves.


The Wedding Invites

People usually spend a lot on wedding invites. They are no doubt special and should be beautifully designed, for they will be remembered for a long time. But they don’t need to be so expensive. You can design them with your own creative skills. You can get custom made wedding cards boxes. You can add details to the box afterward to give them a royal look. Your wish for lovely invites will be fulfilled while remaining in the budget.


Decorate Your Alter

You really don’t need to go for excessive decorations. Just get the decoration done for the alter only. In this way, you will have a good spot for taking photographs, and your ceremony will be performed with great visuals.


Pick a Natural Outdoor Setting

It is always wise to perform your wedding on a beautiful landscape. They are already beautiful, and you don’t need to stress yourself out with any kind of extra arrangements. Choose a beautiful garden or a farm where the minimal décor looks good also. For arranging a wedding in such places, you need to be well aware of the season. It is recommendable if you choose the spring season for your marriage when the flowers are in full bloom, and they please your senses and give an overall freshening aura.


Role of Fairy Lights

The use of Christmas lights at a wedding has always proved to be a great idea. They are inexpensive and give a lovely sight. You can use lanterns also to light up your evening in a beautiful manner.


In A Nutshell

Weddings don’t need to be worrisome anymore. They can be designed beautifully yet in a cost-effective manner. With the trend of the intimate wedding getting a rise, it has become easy for all people alike to plan their weddings with more personalized emotions and feelings without worrying about other people.


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