Affordable Auto Price, Maximum Value: Mahindra Treo Delivers

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Publish Date : 2023-07-27 10:44:17
Affordable Auto Price, Maximum Value: Mahindra Treo Delivers

Finding an affordable yet efficient mode of transportation is a difficult challenge for several people in the busy world of urban commuting. Electric vehicles are becoming a game-changer as the demand for reasonably priced, green alternatives increases. Mahindra Treo is one of the leading innovators in the electric auto rickshaw market, and it’s known for delivering the best value at an affordable price.

Importance Of Mini Trucks

Mini trucks are more reasonable in price than pickup trucks, so they are becoming increasingly in demand and importance. All reputable automakers, such as Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Force, Ashok Leyland, Lohia, and many more, offer mini trucks. On a single platform, you can search for mini trucks that satisfy your demands regarding fuel type, GVW, specifications, and more. The price ranges for Mini truck are easily available at Rs.4.29 lakh to Rs. 8.25 lakh.


Explore Of Auto Rickshaws In India

Auto Rickshaw is the most common means of daily transportation due to its affordable prices and operations. These vehicles are most suitable for heavy traveling requirements in a single trip. The GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) varies from less than 1 tonne to 2.5 tonnes. The Auto price ranges between Rs. 1 Lakh to 4 Lakh.


Mahindra Treo Price in India 2023

Mahindra Treo is an advanced E Rickshaw equipped with high mobility solutions. This model has a robust motor powered by a 7.37 battery. The Lithium-ion, 48V battery of the vehicle can fully charge in 3 hours 50 min. The battery of this model produces a power of 10 HP and 42 Nm of torque. The autorickshaw is capable of traveling at a maximum speed of 55 KMPH. The gradeability of this vehicle is 12.7%, which is adequate for city journeys. The price range of Mahindra Treo E rickshaw in India is Rs. 2.79 - 3.02 Lakh.


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