Is it a good idea to open a juice bar franchise?

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Publish Date : 2021-04-21 08:11:38
Is it a good idea to open a juice bar franchise?

The idea for juice bars came from the United States and Australia. After a dazzling development of juice bar concepts in the United States, the brands had to review their strategy. Instead of limiting oneself to these famous cocktails, it was safer to position oneself on more varied offers to meet the American's consumption habits that cannot be satisfied with a "simple" fruit juice during lunch break!

The juice bar market

Juicing, a diet based on fruit and vegetable juice that consists of replacing the meal with a large glass of juice is an idea that came from California. Its many advantages distinguish this diet:

  • Better preservation of vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables which are mixed and not cooked
  • More digestible texture since consumption is in liquid form
  • Practical aspect also since a juice can be consumed anywhere and at any time

Don't only follow the food goals, the juice bar business plan is the destination for those who choose to live healthier.

And the Americans love fresh juice, but not alone. With a consumption of 1.5 billion liters currently, our market is the second in Europe behind Germany (2.4 billion liters). According to Unijus, the National Interprofessional Union of Fruit Juices, the Americans stand out, compared to their European neighbors, by their strong enthusiasm for pure juices ( more than half volumes sold in fruit juice and nectars), while in Germany, for example, pure fruit juice only represents a 14% market share. Therefore, we can conclude that there is potential for premium squeezed juices and in particular organic juices that recorded an increase in volume sales of 24% (2017 vs. 2016).

Moreover, in the United States, after a strong expansion of juice bar networks, between 2008 and 2012, a majority of franchisors had to opt for more varied offers to continue to attract. Therefore, it was necessary to think of more hybrid concepts offering, in addition to fruit juices, other products such as smoothies, milkshakes, salads, frozen yogurt ...

To continue to seduce, brands will have to diversify their offer by offering multiple products in the same place while innovating by declining their concepts in several formats: food trucks, kiosks, etc.

Open a juice bar with or without the franchise

Choosing a franchise is always more secure when you want to start a business, and this because of the many advantages it offers brand awareness, know-how, support before, during, and during the entire franchise contract ...

To benefit from all these advantages, the launch of the project in the franchise will certainly cost a little more expensive than an independent one because the franchisee will have to pay the entry fee, royalties, and a minimum personal contribution.

If you prefer to remain independent, it is quite possible to launch a juice bar concept as long as it stands out from the competition.

Some franchise juice bar opportunities

Concept of "juice bar & good food", Feel Juice is a franchise whose offer includes smoothies and freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices and healthy and healthy fast food based on salads, soups, pies. And wraps.

Joosbayoo is positioned in the fast-food sector and is characterized by its innovative concept: catering in the form of miniature dishes, sweet or savory bites, for sale to take away or to eat in a relaxed atmosphere.

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