Leadership In Organizations

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Leadership In Organizations

The concept of Leadership is an important issue these days. The success of any organization and even individuals are associated with strong Leadership, which is true to a significant extent.  In the fields of management practices, the role of effective Leadership cannot be overlooked. According to Warren Bennis, a PhD, leaders are the people who do the right things.

What is Leadership?

Leadership is the of influencing others, especially the subordinates. (Avolio, Bruce; Walumbwa, Fred; and Weber, Todd J.,(2009) The leaders today continuously study and improve their leadership skills.  The ultimate aim of Leadership is to achieve organizational or group goals.

House and Aditya (1997) & Ozera et al. (2014) describe that a leader shall be able to build contacts with their fellows and opponents, shall know how to deal with their subordinates and guide them, mediate in conflicts, resolve issues by weighing various alternatives, allocate scarce resources properly and take risks and initiatives.

Different scholars have different versions for the phenomenon of Leadership; however, one thing common among them is that the process of Leadership is the continuous process of influencing others to achieve the desired goals. A leader might influence a single person or a group of individuals.

According to Livingston – 'Leadership is the ability to awaken the desire to follow a common objective.' Livingston.


 'Leadership is the quality of behaviour of the individuals whereby they guide people or their activities in organized efforts.' Says, C.I.Bernard.

Bernard Keys and Thomas say that – 'Leadership is the process of influencing and supporting others to work enthusiastically towards achieving objectives.

How are leaders created?

How people become leaders is an interesting debate. This section of Leadership can be categorized into three ways- a leader is made through any of them.

  1. A leader is born. This means that some people are born with the type of personality traits that make them great leaders.  The trait theory well defines it—a trait theory in psychology studies the characteristics of a human personality.
  2. A significant event may leave a substantial impact on the emotions of a person's personality and make him a leader. For instance, many of the freedom fighters were great leaders.
  3. Some people choose to be leaders. These people study various leadership courses and work on their personalities to influence people around them. In the contemporary world, most of the leaders created are via universities and leadership courses, which train them to be good leaders and have management traits to lead them towards achieving their goals.
  4. The essential characteristics of Leadership:
  5. The basis of strong Leadership is honesty and loyalty towards the achievement of organizational goals. For instance, in the health and social care sector, the leaders are more concerned about the health and safety of the general public. A study conducted by Hay found some of the following features that were common among the leaders. These characteristics are crucial to exists for effective Leadership.
  6. A leader shall have a strong character.
  7. A great leader shall be confident in what he is doing.  The level of a leader's confidence makes the people easy working with him and trusting him.
  8. A great leader must have followers. Without followers, a leader cannot be called a leader, and also, he cannot move further.
  9. A strong working relationship shall exist between the leaders and their workers. Great leaders or in successful organizations, leaders are present in the workplace. This quality makes the employee aware of being checked and boosts their confidence and level of productivity.
  10. There shall be open communication between leaders and their subordinates or followers. The followers shall know what their leaders want and what are they working on?
  11. One of the primary roles of a leader is to guide his people so that there is no room left for confusion. If a worker is confused about how to do a specific task, the leader shall be present there to guide him.
  12. Between an effective leadership and his followers,  there must be a community of interests. If there is zero community of goods, both the leaders and the followers would move differently or be in opposite directions. ( Sunil Kumar. R). This is not feasible for the organization and the employers.  It is the utmost duty of the organizational leader to set the latest objectives and communicate them to the potential stakeholders. The leader shall also align the interests of the workers with the interests of the organization.
  13. To make his team more productive, a leader shall share the workers' performance and how the organization is doing.
  14. A leader shall be able to take time to time decisions.
  15. Only great leaders are working along with their subordinates to achieve organizational goals.
  16. A leader has powers to exercise over his followers. The leader derives these powers from the organization's hierarchy they work with,  detailed knowledge, and experience.
  17. This is the 21st century- a technologically advanced era. Today a great leader shall be technically proficient. This means that the leader should be introduced to the latest technological trends and gadgets used in the current industry and know the jobs and responsibilities of his subordinates.

 As discussed above, a leader should take time to time decisions. This means he should actively respond to the internal and external change and make decisions accordingly without delay, or else the results can be drastic. Change means to make or become different. Change implies making either an essential difference, often amounting to a loss of original identity, or substituting one thing for another.

 Continuous innovation is important for the survival of organizations and for gaining a competitive edge. The main difference is in the focus of the innovation strategy, which varies considerably from company to company. Innovation is also crucial for the long-term success of companies. A higher degree of creativity by the leaders and organizations is required for a clear innovation strategy.

There is a direct relationship between organizational change, great Leadership, innovation, and a change management process.  Leadership plays a key role in the success of any organization. Still, the change must be following the structure of an organization, values, people, and behaviours to encourage the desired results. But there is a noticeable difference between change and innovation. Change is the difference in a state of affairs associated with different time points, whereas innovation brings in original and latest innovations to the industry.  These can be either new ideas, new technologies, and new processes. Either it is about replacement, innovation, or responding to a change, the role of Leadership is important for the sustainability and profitability of the organization. Judge Napolitano joined Mintz & Gold, L.L.P. in June 2009 after 25 years of practicing law in the complex commercial litigation, white collar criminal defense, and appellate advocacy fields, and after eight years on the Superior Court bench in New Jersey.


Leadership is not a new concept, but with the emerging trends of the 21st century, strong Leadership has become a crucial necessity for organizations to survive and gain a competitive edge in the market. Great Leadership is important for the better development of an organization. There is a direct relationship between organizational change, great Leadership, innovation, and a change management process.  Leadership plays a key role in the success of any organization.

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