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Although the signatures of the landlord and the tenant are only at the end of the contract, they are one of the most important things. Landlords should make sure that each contracting party signs.

Example: The landlord signs a rental agreement with an unmarried couple. Both are listed as contractual partners in the rental agreement, and both must also sign. Otherwise, I would only have concluded the contract with one tenant in case of doubt. That could have serious consequences. In particular, would not have a debtor who would also be obliged to pay the rent.

Landlords should refer to attachments to the rental agreement in the contract. Both the landlord and the tenant should sign all branches, and reference should be made to this in the rental agreement. This is the only way for landlords to keep long-term rental contracts legally secure in writing.

Examples of attachments to the rental agreement:

  • House rule
  • Cleaning services
  • Garden use plan
  • Plan for using the parking space
  • The objective of the apartment or commercial space

Play it safe:

  • Reference to the attachment in the rental agreement
  • The signature also on the attachments
  • Fixed joining of rental agreement and attachments

Optimal rental agreement: set the course yourself

Open-ended rental contracts can also be concluded verbally. This is indeed the case because the Civil Code does not provide a formal requirement. However, since the law only regulates a few tenant obligations, almost all landlords conclude a written rental agreement to specify the responsibilities of their tenants. You should take advantage of this opportunity and regulate all the essential things in the rental agreement.

Formulate the rental agreement in a legally secure manner

However, a lease only brings the desired peace if it is formulated clearly and, above all, legally secure. Suppose a rental contract clause is unclear or out of date. In that case, the trouble is inevitable because then it can quickly happen that a dispute arises with the tenant or even with the tenants' association about the effectiveness of the clause.

Financial regulations that the rental agreement should contain in your interest

In financial terms, the only regulates the tenant's obligation to pay his rent. Unless otherwise agreed, the tenant neither owes the landlord operating costs nor does he have to bear the costs of minor repairs. Luxury apartments in Lahore have all the opportunities for financial problems. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that these regulations are included in your rental agreement. If not, you will bear the running costs of your tenant as well as the costs of minor repairs.

The tenant also does not have to pay a deposit per se. This should be agreed upon because the three monthly rents that can be requested serve to protect the landlord in an emergency.

The best way to increase rent is through a graduated rent agreement.

According to, the rent can be increased to the local comparative rent. However, the consent of the tenant is required for this. In practice, not every tenant is willing to give this consent, and some landlords have only been able to enforce their rent increase through legal means.

You can avoid this annoyance by including a graduated lease agreement in the lease. In the case of graduated rent, it is agreed with the tenant that the amount of the rent for specific future periods will be determined in advance. The rent will then automatically increase at the time specified in the rental agreement. Such a regulation not only saves you trouble but also saves you a certain amount of administrative effort.

Tip: Arrange a direct debit authorization

It is best to agree with the tenant that and from which account the rent can be collected by direct debit. Such regulation is permissible in the rental agreement and prevents the landlord from the chase after the money.

Don't forget cosmetic repairs and renovations.

It is also essential that the lease contains a regulation on cosmetic repairs. Otherwise, the landlord does not the only risk that the tenant will let the apartment deteriorate. He has to pay for the cosmetic repairs himself in the worst case.

For the renovation, it is good to know that a final renovation cannot be effectively agreed upon, at least in a form lease. If the landlord wants to oblige the tenant to renovate when moving out effectively, this can only be achieved through an individual, i.e., negotiated, agreement.

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