10 Reasons Why Road Traffic Signs Are Important?

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Publish Date : 2021-09-26 16:40:16
10 Reasons Why Road Traffic Signs Are Important?

Traffic signs are signs above or at the roadside that convey information, warning, and instructions to road users. They help control the traffic flow, providing increased safety and provide directions to drivers. In addition, they represent the road rules that should be adhered to, avoid accidents, and maintain order.

Driving schools are responsible for ensuring all road users, especially drivers, understand and know these signs. This is the main reason why you need to take a test before being licensed as a valid driver.

There are several categories of road traffic signs.

  • Class A -Regulatory: provide command, reservation, control, and reservation.
  • Class B- Warning: shows the direction of movement and road layout.
  • Class C -Guide sign: for direction, route markers, and to show direction.
  • Class D-Kreb markings and carriageway markings: continuous or broken lines {yellow/white} mainly used to prohibit movements.
  1. Importance of road traffic signs

1. Regulatory signs help to maintain safety for road users. By providing the required speed limit and other instructions, it helps to slow down fast drivers.

2. Signs deliver a piece of universal information to enable motorists to use the road properly. This includes signs used to mark intersections or topographical features. For this reason, they help to prevent accidents since motorists know what they should do.

This also creates order on the roadways, a smooth transition between drivers and other road users.

3. Road signs provide control in roadways and are also a tool to enforce laws to keep drivers safe.

4. Informative signs provide information to drivers. This includes any changes ahead or the traffic direction. In addition, the signs alert the drivers on what to expect ahead. Thus drivers are kept safe.

5. Road signs keep pedestrians and cyclists safe by guiding where and when they should cross the road. They also alert those behind the wheels where pedestrians and cyclists are likely to cross the road, so they are careful. This enables everyone to use the roads safely.

6. Traffic signs help provide information on how far you are from your destination, helping you get there safely. If you are unfamiliar with the area, they provide you with where to turn and street names.

7. Traffic signs help new drivers keep a tab on what's happening on the road. Thus, new drivers can drive more carefully and avoid accidents.

8. Guide Signs help protect school-going children and warn drivers to reduce their speed when approaching a school.

9. Signs such as at the construction area help to warn people of deep excavations, potential hazards, and obstacles that may require special attention. This provides information that was not apparent to the road user, thus providing an upfront warning.

10. Traffic signs provide information on vital organizations such as hospitals, schools, and hotels. Also, you are instructed on where to park in parking lots, so you don't abstract other to road users.

Imagine a road without traffic signs. It can be chaotic and hazardous. However, with road signs, motorists and pedestrians can use the road safely. Failure to observe the traffic signs can result in a lot of accidents and damage to properties.

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