5 Steps to Renovate your Laundry Room in Budget

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Publish Date : 2021-12-05 03:13:31
5 Steps to Renovate your Laundry Room in Budget

The laundry room renovation isn’t about making the place ideal for entertaining guests. It is for making it practical and functional while still maintaining the aesthetic values. If your current laundry room is anything lesser than stylish or efficient, it may be time for a laundry room renovation.

Given that laundry rooms are prone to water and moisture damage, it is wise to seek the help of a professional. It applies to kitchens, too. So, while it is up to you to get imaginative with your expenditure when hiring experts, here are our suggestions on how to renovate your laundry room on a budget.

List Out the Laundry Room Essentials:

Every laundry room requires certain items that are “absolutely needed”— a washing machine, laundry detergent, stain removers, and laundry additives, stackable drying rack, sink, shelves, iron, and ironing board. Still, the list will vary depending on your preference. You can add more or reduce the number of items you consider essential. These products might come with a heavy price tag, so you should browse around to find the best offer in the market.

Install a New Sink:

A new sink is a terrific step to kick-start the renovation project. Stunning, modern sinks can enhance the area without hurting the budget. While at it, you can also upgrade to the existing faucet to complement your brand-new sink— adding a little extra oomph. As for designs, you might want to consider a deep sink for easy maintenance. It is also helpful while soaking clothes or doing the hand-wash for delicate garments. Finally, keep in mind to choose a sink material that is strong enough to resist oxidation caused by laundry detergents, moisture, and dampness.

Upgrade the Lights:

Lighting may be the most straightforward yet drastic transformation in your laundry room. You may want to level up your lighting game as it can significantly alter your laundry room’s tone, style, and ambiance while costing only the minimum. Your laundry doesn’t require strong lights. Soft illumination will make the space more appealing. Consider energy-saving downlights and flush mounts, track lighting, and long ceiling lights to give the area an inviting brightness.

Refurbish Old Cabinets:

Renovate the existing laundry shelves and cabinets to save your money. Add additional drawers and shelves and install wire laundry baskets to separate dirty and clean clothes, which will help expand the storage room. Doing this will also free up the benchtop, allowing more room for organizing clothes. Speaking of benchtop, you can also replace the old bench space with modern materials like lacquered wood, engineered stone, etc. Like the sink material, remember to pick a moisture-resistant benchtop material.

Dress Up the Floor

Installing rugs and runners can eliminate the neglected vibe in the room, making the laundry space feel warmer and more welcoming. You’ll appreciate your new carpet even more during the winters— your feet will be happier. But, it is best to consider where you want to place these rugs and runners. It is best to use them in an area that does not receive water in excessive quantities.

Get Creative with Artwork Aesthetics:

Think bold when it comes to incorporating artwork into your laundry room. Artwork can instantly transform a space. The laundry room is one area of the house where you can afford to explore daring aesthetics. Hang frames, paintings, including greenery, flare up the wallpapers— the list is endless. The best part is that there are many artworks available that won’t break the bank.

A vibrant and energetic laundry room makes sorting, washing, and folding clothes fun. If you’re considering remodeling one of the most hardworking areas of the house— these tips can help in radically transforming your laundry space!

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