Benefits of DIY Rug Cleaning and Professional Cleaning

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Publish Date : 2021-04-27 17:57:40
Benefits of DIY Rug Cleaning and Professional Cleaning

Dirty rugs should never be left unclean because they can lead to major health concerns. Rugs and carpets are often a significant tract for germs, dirt, bacteria, dust, bugs, pet dander, and allergens to form. All of these things can pose illnesses or health risks to people, especially with pets, seniors, or kids. Rug cleaning must be a habit out of necessity in a home to stop further health issues brought by the allergens that stayed on its fibers.

Area rugs are made up of textile which covers the floor. If a rug is left untreated for an extended time, it'll collect pollen, bugs, hair, dust, loose dirt, and dirty debris. Rugs receive the busiest traffic inside the home which contributes to the acceleration of the fabric getting damaged. Moreover, people living in a home with an unclean rug can inhale the particles permeating the air. This may lead to serious health problems for the family. Regular rug cleaning keeps the rugs looking new and maximizes their lifespan.

DIY Rug Cleaning Strategies

Vacuum the rugs.

Homeowners must vacuum their area rugs once each day or every other day.  This everyday task ensures that the collected dust will be immediately removed using a vacuum. This is often the only way to get rid of dirt and other debris stuck on the area rug’s fibers.

Do not allow outside shoes to step on area rugs or carpets.

One of the ways to avoid the fast accumulation of dirt on the rugs is implementing that no outside shoes will enter the home. People can opt to wear home-wear slippers instead. When people leave their home, their outside footwear walks on all kinds of dirt which include bacteria on the floors of public gas stations or bathrooms. Those germs can transfer to the carpets or rugs. To avoid this issue, a home-owner must maintain a rule that no outside footwear should go inside the house or no outside footwear must step on the rugs.

For Natural Carpet Fibers

Another technique in cleaning rugs is placing the following solutions on spray bottles and lightly mist them to the stain:

• Detergent solution

• Vinegar solution

• Ammonia solution

For Synthetic-fiber carpets and rugs

1. Dip a white cloth into a detergent or vinegar solution to the synthetic carpets and repeatedly dab the cloth on target areas. Press the material on the spot for a couple of seconds.

2. Rinse the area by dabbing it with a cloth that was soaked in lukewarm water. Wait for one hour, until the carpet is completely dried. For really bad spills, place over one-half-inch stacks of white towels over the stain then lay it on a glass baking dish.

Professional Cleaning of the Rug

Area rugs and carpets that are left unclean for an extended time run the danger of developing disease-causing bacteria and dangerous kinds of molds brought by moisture. The moisture left could further lead to trapping the dirt and deeply sinking more to the fibers of the rug. Situations like this need the help of professional services to assist in cleaning the rugs. Homeowners must hire and work with a cleaning service that received good reviews, along with a great reputation in the community.

Having rugs and other upholstery furniture are all requiring the touch of professional and expert cleaning. Professional cleaning does not only benefit the family’s overall health and living condition but also lengthens the rug’s lifespan. Rugs and carpets are often expensive if the homeowner’s sole option is to shop for a replacement all the time.

Professional services are able to repair, fix, and restore the rug’s original appearance, as well as fully cleanse it, and extend its longevity. Professional cleaners make use of specific tools that are made for dirt extraction and other cleaning techniques that are effective in getting rid of stubborn dirt on the fibers.

Regular rug maintenance helps in improving the home’s aesthetics brought by the clean and vibrant colors coming from the cleaned fabric. Regular maintenance also benefits the family’s health as they peacefully dwell inside the house.

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