How safe is Turkish Airlines now?

Author : jimmycramer07
Publish Date : 2021-03-09 09:44:49
How safe is Turkish Airlines now?

It's terrible. My involvement in Turkish Airline was the most noticeably terrible ever. 

1.Several days before trip to Roma I was educated that my returning flight was changed to 3 days after the fact from the first date. My fights were excused just as the way that needed to get back to chip away at time. I'm a doctor and needed to drop all patients, some of them in emergency, for those 3 days. They would not update my seat. 

2) Our flight was deferred a few hours with no notice on the site, so we missed our corresponding flight. 

3) While we were boarding, frightening looking dark gentlman was sitting at my seat, declining to surrender it. He was swearing uproariously when I've asked the attendant for help. 

4) During whole flight he didn't get up, even after I disclosed to him that I need to go to the bathroom. So I did whatever it takes not to drink fluids for more than 13 hours. 

5) The most noticeably awful news were hanging tight for us in Istanbul: 18 hours of delay, rather than 2. 

6) At the air terminal they didn't permit me to go to the lodging since I didn't have visa. The greater part of the staff looked apathetic and reluctant to help, and some didn't get English. 

7) We needed to pay for our inn in Roma and a bus in any case since we were 1 day late. 

8) On the route back notwithstanding 3 days postpone the delay in Istanbul was drawn out to 24 rather than 3. It took more than 2 hours holding back to get to the lodging. Aircrafts would not give me guaranteed supper or a visit to Hagia Sophia. 

9) Next day my bus was an hour late, so I scarcely made it to the air terminal. I was progressively worried for my life, after another fear based oppressor assault a couple of days prior in Istanbul, as I needed to stand by outside. 

10) In the air terminal they've lost my identification at one of portable security (not visa) controls. Maybe it dropped out of my handbag when they looked through it. From the start they would not assist me with discovering it, and said that I should fly the following day subsequent to going to the Embassy to acquire another visa. At long last the police reluctantly discovered it at the security check. 

11) At the last security point they demanded that I would go to an alternate door, notwithstanding I realized that I was at the correct one. There was a ton of unnerving looking individuals around, gazing at me, unfamiliar light toll skin female with no colleagues. I was petitioning God for endurance of this persistent badgering and for my gear not to be lost or lost. 

12) When I at long last made it to the right plane, another alarming looking turk sat down clarifying with signals that his unique one was awkwardly found, and he concluded that I should take it. He hollered in Turkish, however with the assistance of travelers and staff gave my seat back to me. 

13) I recorded a formal grumble (it was disclosed to me at the air terminal that it ought to be done distinctly during the flight). Chaperon said he was unable to comprehend my penmanship (notwithstanding it's really clear), so he will wright my story in his own words. I didn't see him taking any notes, and he even didn't tune in to the end. He guaranteed that I will get reaction in 7-10 business days. I've heard nothing back from Turkish airlines customer service. Documenting input structure on line was a bad dream, it took a ton of time and composing. As I would like to think I was hassled in light of the fact that I am a female, and it very well may be satisfactory in that culture, as others say. Attempt to never fly by Turkish airlines customer service number and caution every one of your companions and family members, or you can basically disclose to them my story.

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