How to efficiently operate office cleaning?

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How to efficiently operate office cleaning?

Are you employed to clean professional and industrial offices and seek advice on how to do quality work? You are right; your image in the workplace will reflect the professionalism of your company. However, to guarantee the cleanliness and maintenance of spaces, you will have to develop skills through a logic of precise implementation of your tasks. These new achievements will quickly become automatisms for the most excellent satisfaction of your customers.

Global cleaning

The cleaning of professional premises requires a strong involvement. It is your job that will provide safe hygiene for all staff using these premises. Cleanliness is indeed a crucial concept in the world of work: it ensures, in addition to hygiene, maintenance of premises and equipment to provide a comfortable and healthy working space for everyone.

Many household procedures are implemented for this. To carry out your work, you must always remain discreet and not speak outside of what you hear or see on the premises. Some companies guarantee trade secrets or methods: to disclose them would be professional misconduct. On the other hand, you must always wear an outfit suitable for your job: it protects you. Wear your gowns, gloves, shoes provided and tie your hair up if it is long. These first rules mentioned, it is time to approach the cleaning of surfaces.


Depending on the surface of the business, you will have to carry out floor maintenance using a professional scrubber or manually with conventional tools such as broom, vacuum cleaner.

There are several models of scrubber-drier: some have to be pushed, and others are free-standing; that is, you drive them while sitting on a seat. In addition, some work on all floors while others are specific to cleaning offices with a hard surface or carpet. Before using this type of device, ask for help. The company that hires you must show you how the machine works.

Scrubbers are super-efficient at washing and disinfecting. In addition to saving time, they represent less fatigue for the user. Don't be afraid, and the handling is simple and easy to understand. If you must opt ​​for traditional cleaning, you will need to use a vacuum cleaner or a broom before mopping. Maintenance rooms must be at your disposal. In addition to the equipment, you will also need to find a sink to fill your buckets. The sink requires regular maintenance: otherwise, it would quickly become clogged. Leaving it clean after your visit offers ease of use for all its users.


It would be best if you had mops, a blue mop, a chamois, a squeegee, a bucket, a damper, and a telescopic pole to perform window maintenance. Window maintenance always begins with the windows at height.

First, you must remove dust from the frames using the telescopic pole and the mop. Then place mops under your windows. They absorb the water that falls on them and thus avoid dirtying, depending on the configuration, the window sill, or the floor:

Dip your squeegee in a bucket of water mixed with the cleaning product and attach it to the telescopic handle.

Once the installation is done, pass the moistener on the window from top to bottom by pressing lightly.

End your passage with small circles.

From there, you can move the squeegee back and forth, always up and down. It would help if you repeated the operation on each side of the glass.

Whenever you remove the squeegee, remember to wipe it with the chamois to remove any impurities that may stick to it.

Common parts

At each of your visits, you will have to get down to cleaning the common areas. In these parts, you can meet both staff and customers. You must therefore behave flawlessly and ensure that everything is cleaned well.

Apart from the floor surfaces, you must also maintain the furniture, lighting and remove any cobwebs that may be settling in the corners of the ceilings. Sometimes your job can make the floor slippery, and then you have to factor in the drying time versus employees.

Office workstations

First of all, before entering the office, you must park your cleaning cart in front of it and put the yellow sign in position to indicate your presence. Remember to knock on the door before entering so as not to disturb and check if the extension is currently occupied or not.


To clean the surface of a worktop, you will have to be careful not to touch the belongings and documents left by the employee. The staff are notified of your arrival and should generally tidy up, as far as possible, their equipment to facilitate cleaning.

First, using a soft cloth folded in four, you will carry out a dusting, allowing you to have a smoother work surface to pass the detergent. Secondly, the workspace is cleaned by applying a suitable maintenance product. If it is a wooden desk, you will have to provide yourself with a chamois leather to proceed with a polishing of the latter.

Computer and accessories

For a complete cleaning, you should also take care of the computers and accessories.

Accessories are understood to be all office automation supplies such as architect lamps, telephones, perpetual calendars, pencil holders, paper boxes, picture frames, flower pots, and other utility or decorative items. These objects can be fragile, so they must be cleaned with special attention.

All contact points such as switches must be disinfected. In general, computers are turned off when you visit. A computer like any electrical object, cannot withstand water.

Some screens have eye filters and cannot be cleaned with just any product. Instead, you must bring screen cleaning wipes or a special spray. If stains are encrusted, do not scratch the screen with your fingernails or a stiff brush: this could cause irreversible scratches, which would hinder its use in the long term.

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