Maintenance of a stretch ceiling

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Maintenance of a stretch ceiling


The PVC stretch ceiling is completely washable with an ordinary cloth and guarantees that it will remain beautiful and clean for a lifetime.

Attention:   Warranty for a PVC stretch ceiling is between 10 and 15 years, depending on the manufacturer, also on keeping it clean.

With a polyester stretch ceiling, no guarantee is given on keeping it clean, but ten years on manufacturing defects.

You can repaint a polyester ceiling, but the results are anything but. Click here for more advantages and disadvantages of a stretch ceiling.

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How to clean a PVC stretch ceiling

In the event of smoke deposits or other dirt, you can simply wash your stretch ceiling with a damp cloth, possibly with some window cleaner, or soak in a bucket of lukewarm water. That's all you really need to do!

What to watch out for when cleaning PVC stretch ceiling

  • No aggressive cleaning agents such as solvents, dissolving agents
  • Never use abrasive products such as abrasive brushes or scouring pads
  • Always use lukewarm water, never boiling water!
  • If you occasionally swipe your Swiffer along with the ceiling, it is guaranteed to remain clean
  • Lukewarm water with a little dreft or window cleaner and wash thoroughly wet.


The maintenance of a PVC stretch ceiling is generally quite simple, but it is important to know when and how best to clean your ceiling.

Please note: with a woven polyester cold stretch ceiling, it cannot be guaranteed that it will remain clean.

If the seller claims otherwise, let him note it on the order form: “that he will replace the stretch ceiling if it is soiled.”


The advantages of PVC ceilings include the following:

  • Economic.

PVC stretch ceilings are more affordable than many other types of suspended ceilings. The price of 1 m² of monochrome PVC linen is often two or even three times less than the price for polyester.

  • Resistance to dirt.

Polyvinyl chloride is an excellent material that repels dust and resists pollution. Thanks to this property, even maintenance work such as wiping the stretch ceiling will not cause problems.

  • Safety.

Stretch ceilings are characterized by absolute water resistance, low flammability, and resistance to aggressive solutions, such as alcohol, salts, and some acids.

Despite all the pros and cons, a stretch ceiling can easily be damaged (cutting, puncturing), for example, due to inaccurate handling of a sharp object near the canvas.

For example, when using a coarse brush for cleaning. Some chemical solutions are also fatal on PVC.

For example, acetone, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and other solvents can dissolve the ceiling coating. For the maintenance of your PVC stretch ceiling, it is important that you know how best to clean it.

Care of various surface treatments

The range of PVC stretch ceilings comes in three versions: glossy, matt, and satin. Each of the surfaces brings its own energy into the interior of the house. But a special approach is required when caring for the different textures. This is not essential, but you can take it into account when cleaning your ceiling.



A glossy surface can visually increase the volume of the room. This is the best way to describe the glossy stretch ceiling. This is an excellent option for small rooms, minimalist-style houses, bathrooms, or a swimming pool.


Do not use glossy stretch ceilings for rooms with a rich atmosphere. A large amount of furniture, in combination with a ceiling reflection, gives the room an unattractive look.

Any stains on the glossy stretch ceiling can be easily cleaned. By wiping the surface of the ceiling only with a soft, absorbent cloth, no stains and secretions can be seen. If such maintenance is carried out on a regular basis, then the stretch ceiling does not need to be washed with water.



Perfectly smooth and white. This is what the matte PVC stretch ceiling looks like. This finishing option is the most popular and cheapest option. Matt ceilings are universal and can be considered a classic, as they fit perfectly into any interior.


Easy to experience and just as easy to clean? This is perhaps the best option for any housewife.



The satin ceiling is the golden mean between gloss and matt. Soft reflected light from the lamps and the effect of the mother-of-pearl fabric upholstery ensures comfort in any room.

Moreover, this PVC stretch ceiling is the easiest to maintain. You can easily go over the surface with a dry cloth to remove dust and flies.


How to wash a PVC stretch ceiling: the basics

Due to the strong tension of the material and the creation of an ideal smooth and flat surface, a PVC stretch ceiling looks beautiful.

How can I get the stretch ceiling back to the way it originally looked? And what kind of tools can be used for washing stretch ceilings?

To solve these problems, it is necessary to understand which chemicals and cleaning methods are suitable for PVC stretch ceilings.


Dry Maintenance Options

It is best to lightly maintain a PVC stretch ceiling at least every four weeks. If the cloth does not show stains and traces of insects, then it is enough to wipe the surface of the ceiling with a dry soft cloth.

Dry cleaning should be done without excessive pressure. Wipe the ceiling in one direction. Do not make circular movements. This cleaning method is suitable for any type of surface.

It is better not to use a mop for cleaning a PVC stretch ceiling because a clumsy movement can damage the foil. The best assistants for maintenance are the stepladder and the microfibre cloth.


Wet cleaning options

Soot from cigarette smoke, a layer of grease in the kitchen, splash water, and soap foam in the shower clearly indicate that it is time to clean the PVC stretch ceiling. In such cases, washing the suspended ceiling without partition is only possible with the help of specific detergents.

However, with a delicate coating, the cleaning must meet two basic conditions:

  • remove all dirt: no separation should form;
  • work carefully: it is important to avoid damage to the fabric. Damage isn't just a violation of the film's integrity. Scratches, scars, and color distortion may occur.
  • hard brushes;
  • hard-coated sponges;
  • household scrapers;
  • sponges

The best choice for effective and, above all, safe cleaning are microfibre cloths and a soft foam sponge, which gently remove all dirt from the ceiling, without damaging the ceiling and without leaving streaks.


Selection of cleaning agents

Is it possible to wash stretch ceilings with detergent? The “do no harm” rule also applies to cleaning agents in relation to stretch ceilings. Therefore, neither soda nor abrasives should be used in this case.

For PVC, modified plastic, which has elastic and shrinking properties, all solvents and certain acids are fatal. Therefore, cleaning agents containing such aggressive elements should not be used.

This rule applies especially to kitchens and bathrooms, where such active substances are often used in cleaning agents against rust, limescale, and grease.

Often, stretch ceiling manufacturers or companies providing installation services offer their customers branded products for the care of the PVC stretch ceilings.

However, this is only a marketing ploy, as there are no unique agents specifically designed for washing PVC and fabric ceilings.

If you carefully read the labels of such miracle sprays, you can be sure that the ingredient list from different companies will generally be the same:

  • ammonia or isopropyl alcohol;
  • distilled water;
  • color;
  • aromatic additive.

Choose gentle cleaning agents

The cleaning agent to use depends on the location and the dirt.

In the kitchen, a dash of washing-up liquid with warm water can be a good solution against grease and dirt. In the living room, a bucket of lukewarm water and a few squirts of window cleaner can do a lot of good.

You can also use a little Turtle wax, wash and rinse. Stretch ceilings are also very low maintenance and often need to be cleaned once every 5 to 10 years.

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