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The Medical-Legal Community

Stay away. You might get hurt.” I'll call you later. Todd’s here for his physical.” She rang off.

Judge Wren had handed down a first-offense sentence; and since Matthews had already spent two ails by the time he pleaded guilty, used him. When he got home, g to the probation violation me Matthews had tried to hug jut she had put down her scotch fd and said that thanks to him going to write her out of the: her shoulder sat Hercules, wav at Vance. When he tried to again, Desiree had run out the Hercules clinging to her deliolder. The best business lawyer protects you from all business issues.


Vance had chased after pg out, “Dammit, I love you.” Don’t touch me, you bastard,” had screeched, and that was Vacuoles lifted off. DesireeI for her pet who, soaring over ft, had obeyed her by landing at front of an oncoming car. ^to the brilliant weather, neigh- j children were everywhere, and tad watched Hercules die. One caught the action on the cell le had received for her birthday. YWOOD had paid her five dollars for it.


Gus Kindleberger called. “I’ve (he bench eighteen years. These temper tantrums blow over. Don’t V, my friend.” ey’re pretty upset out there...,” gan.. for Christ’s sake, Robert, it’s rd.” a replied, “It’s all over K- OOD ey’re a gossip station. Who t?” do, Gus,” Robert Wren shorter than he should have. “And election next year. was a reason they assigned boring insurance cases to him. Robert Wren forced himself to turn off the television. The jeering remained audible but thankfully softer. In his briefcase were several case files. 


Slowly, deliberately, he removed the papers and placed them on his desk. “Ignore the noise,” he said to the empty room. “Just do your work.” Judge Wren reached for his pen and started to read. The yelling intensified for a moment, just enough to derail his concentration. His mind wandered to next year’s election. Wren could beat back a challenge. His sentence was proper. Still, he would have to raise money, hire a consultant, chase endorsements, buy a ballot statement, and get his name on the slate cards. “Don’t think about it,” he scolded himself and returned to his brief.


The sound of shattering glass exploded from the living room, followed by a thud and shrieks from Percy. Wren ran into the living room to see a red brick lying near Percy’s toppled cage. One wing of his daughter’s parakeet was wedged between the hardwood floor and the cage wiring. The rest of Percy’s body was flapping. “Dammit!” the judge exploded. The curse was loud enough to be heard outside now that the bay window was gone. No one on the sidewalk, however, could hear Robert Wren’s follow-up question, softly asked, as he freed his bird: “What did they do to you?” Nor did anyone hear Judge Wren whisper, “Oh my god, please don’t let him die,” when the parakeet slid into shock. He cradled Percy in his hand and raced outside to his car.


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