The Ultimate Safety Playground

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The Ultimate Safety Playground

More than 200,000 children each year visit U.S. emergency departments because of playground-related injuries. Take a walk around the playground and check for equipment that's too tall or not safe. Make sure platforms and slides are clear of sticks, rocks, glass, toys, other kids or anything that could trap a child.

Safety Surface

Children fall down, and the right surface can make the difference between a minor injury and one that could lead to concussion, fracture or even death. The 안전놀이터 surfaces are those that absorb shock and are soft rather than hard, such as wood chips, mulch, sand and rubber. Avoid unsafe surfaces like concrete, asphalt and dirt as well as tripping hazards such as tree branches. When choosing a safety surface for a playground, it is important to choose a material that is tested to meet the ASTM standard F1292. While there are several different loose-fill surfacing options, engineered wood fiber (EWF) is one of the most cost-effective and best-performing materials available. It can be installed to a required depth and meets the Americans with Disabilities Act specifications for wheelchair accessibility as well.

Another great option is poured-in-place (PIP) surfacing, also known as recycled tire surfacing or rubber tarmac. This system consists of two parts: a base layer of a shock-absorbing aggregate and a wearing coarse of EPDM rubber crumb that is mixed with a binder.

Climbing Equipment

A safety playground offers children a space where they can run, jump and climb. While most playground injuries are caused by falls, injuries can also occur if children get caught in or cut by equipment that isn’t properly maintained. Keeping up with manufacturer’s instructions and recommended inspection schedules is key to maintaining safe play environments. Playground equipment is typically made from plastic, which can be less prone to splinters and have fewer maintenance issues than wood. However, the material can get hot in the sun and may need to be shaded.

Most playgrounds require children to wear a harness when climbing. Make sure the harness fits correctly and is attached to the equipment securely. Look for a harness with fixed or adjustable leg loops and a waist belt that fits close around the smallest part of the waist. Crash pads are available in a range of sizes with varying types of foam, exterior fabrics and folding designs.

Adult Supervision

The best prevention method for playground injuries is to make sure children are always under the supervision of a responsible adult. This is why it’s important to develop program strategies that promote active, direct supervision in outdoor environments, including during rest time and toileting times. It’s also critical to teach kids to play safely and respect other kids, especially when it comes to interacting on equipment. Enforcing simple rules like “wait your turn” can help prevent accidents caused by too many kids on one piece of equipment, such as a slide, at the same time.

If an injury occurs, it’s important to stay with the child until medical help arrives. This may mean a teacher or other employee has to take their eyes off the group of kids they’re supervising in order to attend to an injured student or other person. Instructing other students or employees to continue monitoring the playground in case the supervised kids need attention is an excellent way to keep everyone safe.

Tripping Hazards

Whether they’re tree roots, bits of metal or broken equipment, any tripping hazards can cause children to fall and be injured. Visually survey playgrounds and remove any items that may pose a risk. Strangulation - Almost half of all playground injuries involve strangulation. Kids can get their head or neck caught in equipment like swings, merry-go-rounds, or see-saws if they enter the equipment feet first instead of jumping on from an edge or behind another kid. All equipment should be inspected for safety openings that admit both feet and head and make sure openings in ladder rungs or guardrails are no larger than 3.5 inches.

The best way to keep kids safe at the playground is through proper adult supervision. Kids should only play on age-appropriate equipment and be guided to use it safely. Also, adults should not climb outside of guardrails or stand on the equipment, and should ensure that there’s adequate space between slides and other equipment to avoid crowding and falling.

The Bottom Lines

Having fun while playing outside helps kids build healthy bodies and brains. But it’s important to steer kids to age-appropriate playground equipment and avoid dangerous conditions like unsafe surfacing, hot equipment and limited supervision. Ensure that spaces that could trap children, such as openings in guardrails or between ladder rungs, measure less than 3.5 inches to prevent head entrapment and strangulation. Also, make sure that tripping hazards are removed.

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