Toilet paper souvenir

Author : pawebe2365
Publish Date : 2021-04-29 06:49:17
Toilet paper souvenir

Yesterday I wrote a post about embroidery digitizing on paper, and I immediately remembered an old video from YouTube, where I had already seen embroidery on toilet paper for a long time. Americans position the embroidery on rolls of toilet paper as a joke or a comic gift. And, I suppose, they are very successful in selecting pictures for embroidery for various dates and holidays, so that it sells well.

Yes, that there are Americans! Last year or the year before last, I don't remember exactly when it was, at the Textillegprom exhibition at the Amaya stand you could also see an embroidered roll of paper, which they, well, of course, showed everyone interested. You might think that this trick is only possible on Amaya.

So, I'll show you step-by-step pictures of how I did embroider today.

I specially selected a picture for embroidery on such, one might say, an intimate hygiene item. And I stopped at this picture (from the free distribution, of course):

  • Next, we take a roll of the most ordinary cheap toilet paper:
  • We measure the size of one section to determine the size of the design:
  • Having decided on the dimensions, we create a simple program consisting only of satins:

I set the stitch density at 3 lines per millimeter (Stitch Era), did not use frame stitches, and tried to avoid jogging between segments. The density of the stitches, I believe, depends on the quality of the paper on which you plan to embroider.

  • Such programs are created quickly and anyone can do them.
  • Next, we go to embroider.
  • Hoop only the cut-off stabilizer:


 We are looking for the center of the sector on toilet paper and mark it with a dot - we need to set the start of the program for some reason. I decided to embroider not on the first section of the paper, but on the second so that I could then wrap the paper normally.

Next, we take the temporary fixing glue and spray the stabilizer, then glue the paper onto the stabilizer, trying not to distort it.

  • Turn on the machine and start embroidering:
  • Now the embroidery is ready. Still, only 770 stitches:
  • We take it out of the hoop and carefully, so as not to spoil the paper, trim the excess stabilizer from the wrong side:


The photo below is the final result of my efforts.

I did not, like the Americans, fold the paper in several layers; I decided to do it on only one layer. And nothing - everything worked out great. As a cool gift for someone, it will do. Not everyone will understand such a gift, but you have to choose whom to give.



  • Adjusting the height of the presser foot on the embroidery machine. Questions about Welles

I continue my recent discoveries regarding the dependence of the quality of embroidery on the setting of the machine. The last time I got caught changing the stitch plate.

For more details:

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