Top 5 Best Beaches of Melbourne Amidst COVID-19

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Publish Date : 2021-03-31 14:10:01
Top 5 Best Beaches of Melbourne Amidst COVID-19

The lockdown blues are making everyone miss the beach. As some countries ease their restrictions, a limited number of people can visit the beach while following social distancing and safety protocols.

If you are in Melbourne, then you are lucky because the place is filled with pristine beaches which is good for swimming and family-friendly. 

So whether you’re taking a flight to Melbourne or you’re from there, Melbourne bay beaches are the perfect place to spend some type of unwinding, whether you want to swim, beach comb, wade, or just relax on the sand. 

With that being said, here are some of the best beaches in Melbourn that’s safe and fun for you. 


Williamstown Beach

black and gray rocks on seashore under white clouds during daytime

Locals call this the ‘‘Willy Beach’ which is a comparatively small beauty spot that is only a jump away from the city. The beach is very popular for swimmers, sailors, sunbakers and sailors. However, it’s the amazing views that draw people into historic Williamstown. 

The beach is only a five-minute walk from the train station, Gem Pier, which is proud to have a clear, beautiful view of the city skyline. If you love going to the beach to enjoy the beauty of day and night, then this is the place for you. 

This is why it’s not surprising for Williamstown to be a hotspot on New Year’s Eve, with some fireworks on complete display. 


Half Moon Bay 

If you want a more secluded beach, you can surely try Half Moon Bay. Not only for its beauty, but you can also learn about a piece of their maritime history. 

Just to give you some background, the HMVS Cerberus, an 1870s battleship that was scuttled in the bay in 1926 to make a breakwater for the Black Rock Yacht Club. It was also named for its crescent shape. The bay is secured from weather and is known for boating, but is fairly perfect for swimming in calm waters. 


Mordialloc Beach 

Also called "Mordi" beach, this place is more than just water and sand. This southeast suburb is the place to go. If you're the always hungry type, they have a restaurant there (Sunny Boy Beach Club), BBQ and picnic spots, a weathered but stronger pier that stretches out 300 metres. It's one of the best family beaches out there, and if you like to avoid large crowds, you may want to head out during the week. 



body of water under cloudy sky during sunset

Love to sail and boat? Elwood will not only give you the fun of swimming but also boating and sailing. Wide foreshore reserves have a barbecue, play, and picnic facilities. They also have a cycling and walking path, and boat ramps nearby.

Brighton Beach 

These huge but safe, sandy bay swimming beaches include Middle Brighton, Dendy Street beach and Brighton beaches. The area is popular for arty-crafty colourful bathing boxes along the beach set against the charming Melbourne city skyline. Substantial foreshore reserves usually have play and barbecue facilities. There is yachting, boating, windsurfing, cycling and walking paths. 


Other Important Tips When Travelling 

aerial photo of beach during daytime


1. Transport. When it comes to transport, Australia is still operating most of their modes of transport even if some restrictions may apply. But if you must cancel your transport, check with your provider quickly. Airlines, car rental companies, interstate trains, and long-haul buses will have their own respective cancellation policies. 

2. Hotels and accommodation. A lot of hotels and accommodation providers are currently offering policies, which gives travellers peace of mind by permitting booking changes. If you're travelling to Melbourne, try to update yourself with the newest information from official websites and their travel agents or accommodation providers before travelling. 

3. Gatherings and activities. As restrictions constantly make changes, there are still many places for you to visit and activities to enjoy that cling to COVID safe guidelines. However, in several cases, pre-booking may be necessary. But if you want to be sure, you can read on for more information on guidelines for specific establishments. You should not be uninformed when it comes to gathering restrictions by state. 

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