What to pack when you travel alone

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Publish Date : 2021-04-30 10:15:21
What to pack when you travel alone

Traveling alone can be a fun and exciting experience! It's just a little different to prepare your luggage efficiently for solo holidays. But don't worry, in this article on the travel blog, I will teach you seven luggage packing tricks for when you travel alone. I promise you that you will have everything you need in the end, and your trip will be much more enjoyable!

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Find out what you can buy at your destination

Wherever you travel alone, do some research in advance to find out what you can buy after you reach your destination. When you arrive, however, you must have access to everything you need from day one, so all these things must arrive in your luggage. This way, you won't have to get lost on the streets before you know the area where you stayed. In short: inform yourself in advance and pack your bags accordingly.

Analyze what you need in an emergency

When packing to travel alone, make sure you have a separate pocket or compartment just for what you may need in an emergency. Prepare copies of your birth certificate, ID card, and passport in case your originals are stolen. After all, it is a frightening thought to be alone in a foreign country without any proof of who you are or where you came from.

Also, think about all the important medications that you may need quick access to if you are undergoing any treatment or are prone to allergies.

Copy your important phone numbers

If you're still careful, it's a good idea to copy important contact details onto a piece of paper or a physical diary and keep them with you at all times. In the occasion of an emergency in which you are unconscious, they can be vital to you. You don't want to be in a condition where you can't get in touch with a family member when you need to.

This list is also helpful if your phone breaks down or is stolen. After all, how many of us know the phone numbers of our loved ones since we have mobile phones?

Don't take a lot of luggage when traveling alone

When traveling alone, never take more luggage than you can carry at the same time. Not only is it damn exhausting, but you can even get hurt. And what's the point of vacation you can't enjoy?

Choose a comfortable backpack

Even if it is natural for you to pack small luggage when traveling alone, it is very important in what kind of bag you choose to pack your things. My recommendation is to use a backpack that allows easy access to its entire contents, and that can pass as hand luggage.

I recommend that you test several luggage bags before traveling alone. This way, you will be confirm that you will travel comfortably for long periods of time, avoiding the pain of your back, shoulders, and arms. You could even take your luggage for a walk near the house a few times, just to see how you feel.

Select clothes that can be overlapped

When planning your holiday outfits, choose clothes that can be easily overlapped. It's easier to choose them when you're traveling alone, actually. Just think about the fact that you won't have a travel partner sitting at the restaurant table while you run to your room to get your jacket. Also, you will not have anyone in the group to lend you his jacket when you are cold.

Overlapping clothes gives you a handy way to dress appropriately for any weather and situation.

Take some plastic bags with you

Plastic bags can be your best friend when traveling alone if you reuse them with your head. I can keep your swimsuit, laundry, or muddy shoes, as well as garbage. You can also carry various things in them during the day. And, if necessary, you can protect your feet with them if you are caught in torrential rain.

Traveling alone can change your life. And the way you choose to pack your bags can determine if the holiday will mean wonderful moments in new destinations or back pain and worries in unknown places. So, when you go on holiday alone, use my advice and prepare your luggage properly!

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