The Pros and Cons That A Prospect Undergoes To Become A Surrogate

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Publish Date : 2021-04-16 10:59:53
The Pros and Cons That A Prospect Undergoes To Become A Surrogate

Surrogacy is the opportunity of providing a chance for another couple to build their family and giving them the gift of life. There are many mothers out there who are interested in entering the surrogacy journey. Many women are looking to see the pros and cons of entering a surrogacy journey. To become a surrogate, the woman has to be prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally. The benefits from the monetary to the wonderful experience of carrying the child of a childless couple are often the main encouragement that a woman has to go through the process. However, it must be noted that there are certain minor cons that may occur that a surrogate prospect needs to consider as well.

Advantages of Becoming A Surrogate

Women who have chosen to become a surrogate have various reasons for doing so. Many surrogate moms look for the chance to share another family’s joy. Giving the gift of life to a family is a highly rewarding experience.

One of the benefits of becoming a surrogate is having a fulfilling experience. It brings great joy for surrogates to carry a child for a couple who are unable or hindered by circumstances to have their own kid. Most surrogates would often look back to what they have experienced and have a sense of achievement.

Oftentimes, surrogates remember their surrogacy journey with a sense of fulfillment. Surrogates are women who have their own children. They are compassionate and caring for anyone who struggles with infertility. For them, they know the joy of having a child and completing their family. This is why it is a life-changing experience for them to become a surrogate as it results in happiness for everyone involved in the process.

Most surrogate mothers are likely a member of a strong support group. The road to becoming a surrogate is very challenging. Potential surrogate applicants have to go through background checks, psychological evaluations, and medical screenings. Those things are a lot to process. This opens the chance for other surrogate mothers to share their experiences with other people who are new to the process. The support groups encourage and support their members.

Another advantage for surrogates is the compensation they receive. Money is a sensitive topic but the reality is that the compensation is also one of the driving forces that inspires some women to apply as a surrogate. The average fee that a surrogate receives is around $40,000 to $50,000. The surrogate’s medical and travel expenses are covered too. Another benefit that a surrogate receives is that she is covered with health insurance through the surrogacy process. Any costs related to the pregnancy can be reimbursed. The payment helps some surrogates achieve their goals such as paying for their child’s education, paying debts, or even buying a home.

Surrogates are also legally protected when they partner with a reliable agency. Once the surrogate is matched to the intended parents, there will be a contract drafted to protect the surrogate and the intended parents. The contract outlines the responsibilities, obligations, and commitments that are expected from both parties. The contract reinforces the fact that the surrogate will have no responsibility or legal claim over the child after the pregnancy.

Disadvantages of Becoming A Surrogate

While there are many advantages that a surrogate can experience, there are still some minor downfalls that occur in the process. There is a stigma on surrogacy due to some people who lack the knowledge and understanding about the subject. Some view it as something wrong as it is about using one’s body for money by “renting the womb” of another woman. It is important that the support system and people around the surrogate understand the process without being bigoted about it.

Surrogacy is emotionally and physically demanding for surrogates. Prospects need to undergo many medical examinations and screenings. The surrogate will also have to deal with the physical demands that are brought by the pregnancy. It is also an emotional journey due to the process of carrying a child for someone else. This is why emotional assistance must be offered to surrogates.

Additionally, surrogacy is a long process. It requires commitment from the surrogate as she will offer her time for a year to the process. The journey may also carry health risks that are minimal but can still cause stress. Moreover, the surrogate will need to take medications to easily get pregnant.

In conclusion, surrogacy is not a clean-cut journey that only has benefits. It depends on the prospect if she thinks she is well-prepared for the challenge. It is recommended to partner with a reliable surrogacy agency to ensure that a surrogate’s interests are addressed and well protected.

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