How to troubleshoot the anti-malware installation error?

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Publish Date : 2021-04-21 06:24:33
How to troubleshoot the anti-malware installation error?

Anti-malware has become one of the crucial software programs for the system. Installing antivirus protects the system from lots of dangerous threats. You can use a free or paid security program on the system for keeping it secure. But some users face Malwarebytes error installing in Windows systems. Antivirus installation errors can appear due to numerous reasons.


Common reasons behind anti-malware installation error


  1. The user is installing an incompatible antivirus setup
  2. Low disk space on the system
  3. Incomplete setup installation
  4. The user has another anti-malware on the system
  5. System junk is interrupting the installation process.


Resolving anti-malware installation error


Check the resource requirements


Whenever the software shows the installation error, check the resource requirements of your setup. Anti-malware setups are available in various plans according to the devices. The setup varies from system to system. Your antivirus will only get installed on the system when you are installing the compatible setup. Sometimes, users didn’t check the resource before installing the setup. When your antivirus is showing the installation error, you should check your system’s resource requirements. Now go to the computer and check the processor, CPU, hard disk, etc. If your anti-malware setup is not compatible, then search for another anti-malware setup.


Inspect free hard disk space on your system


The antivirus installation error on the system can occur when the system has low disk space. While installing any software, you will require free disk space. If the device has no space, then your installation error will be displayed. The user can’t install the setup until he gets some free space on the system. Install the SSD on the system for increasing the free-disk space. If you can’t add memory, then you can delete some of your files and clear the space. Go to your device and check for all files and folders. Users can delete the unnecessary large files, link movies, videos, etc. Delete all the movies from your system and then check the free space. Now again, try to install antivirus on your system. You can also delete programs like games from the system as they are very large in size.


Remove another anti-malware from the system


You can also face issues while installing the antivirus when you have another security program on the system. When you get a new anti-malware for the system, you should uninstall the previous setup from the system. Users sometimes forget to remove the previous setup from the system. That antivirus can’t interrupt the installation process of your new setup. Even if you are using the anti-malware of the same brand, uninstall the previous one. On the programs list, uninstall the anti-malware from your PC. The previous antivirus will start uninstalling the system. After uninstalling it, you can install the new setup. Restart your device and again try to install your new anti-malware on the system.


Remove the junk from your device


The temp files can also get the setup into installation errors. While installing the setup, temp files start interrupting the process. Before installing the setup on your device, delete temporary files and other junk. These files also occupy the free disk space of the system. After deleting the files, you can install anti-malware on your device easily.


Re-download the setup on the system


The issues while installing the anti-malware setup can appear when the user has downloaded the corrupted setup. You should always install the setup from the original website. While downloading the setup, inspect the internet speed. If the network is not smooth, the setup download may get interrupted. Users can’t install the incomplete setup on the system. Delete the anti-malware setup file from the system and again download it. Now run the setup and install anti-malware on the system.


Remove malicious program from the system


Malicious programs can corrupt your antivirus installation process. When your antivirus is not installed on your PC, then immediately check for malicious software programs. Third-party programs are often malicious. If your device has any third-party software, then remove it. Uninstall those programs and then restart the system. Again, install your anti-malware immediately. If your anti-malware is still showing installation issues, then you should ask the professionals for help.

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