A student guide on Research Degrees at the University of Chester

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Publish Date : 2021-04-28 10:22:59
A student guide on Research Degrees at the University of Chester

The role of higher education graduates is extravagant in the development of any economy. No matter how big or small an economy is, having industry-oriented research degree fellows will always give you innovative solutions to problems. Universities around the world are looking after it and providing research graduates to different economies. On the list of such institutes, the University of Chester is leading the way. It offers numerous research degrees to students that lead to Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy. This article will briefly explain such degrees with necessary information. Keep reading if you are an interested student!

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Research degrees at the University of Chester:

The University of Chester has never been behind in providing quality education to students in all fields. Graduates can study a wide range of degrees here with industry-driven practicalities. We are here to explore some of the research degrees offered by this institute. Let us begin without wasting any further time!

1. Applied Sciences (MRes):

Master’s by research course in applied sciences is a degree that empowers students to develop their research skills. The degree is offered in numerous fields like physics and engineering sciences. This will furnish you with expert involvement with a lab environment and computational displaying, vital for a future profession in research.

Course Overview:

The course offers students an opportunity to polish their research and analytical skills by working on their chosen topics. The reseach faculty at Chester University makes sure that the research projects cover the current industrial needs. Doing so will enhance the employability chances for the graduates. Students are required to take two study modules before opting for their research projects. Following are the main disciplines graduates can choose from before they join this course.

  • Science and Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science

Research Projects:

Once you have selected your discipline, you can join the team of researchers and start working on your project. Following are some of the research project examples you need to know about.

  • Analysis of the performance of a 20 kW biomass fixed bed gasifier coupled to an internal combustion engine.
  • Techno-economic modeling of a small islanded micro-grid with multiple generation and storage nodes.
  • A study of siloxanes indoors and out; the effects of humans on their environments
  • Measuring the effects of industrial air pollution on the indoor environment.
  • Developing mobile air pollution sensor networks for human health research.
  • The development of UAV deployable air pollution sensors.

Are you interested in any of the above-mentioned research domains? If yes, you can be a part of the team. Get in touch with the Top education consultants in Pakistan and start your admission process today!

2. Archaeology (MRes):

The Master’s degree in archaeology offers the students to conduct thorough research in archaeological fields. It’s a great opportunity for interested students to become proficient in advanced research studies and project management.

Course Overview:

The MRes in Archeology offers a great chance to direct unique archeological research into a picked theme and become capable of cutting-edge research abilities. The course additionally gives an ideal arrangement to MPhil/Ph.D. exploration and significant preparation for a profession in the archaeology and heritage areas.

Research Projects:

The course covers a diverse area of archaeology research modules and provides students with useful historical insights. Some of the research areas are enlisted here.

  • The history and theory of archaeology
  • Mesolithic archaeology
  • Iron age and Roman Britain
  • Anglo-Saxon and Viking archaeology
  • Geoarchaeology
  • Mortuary archaeology
  • Archaeologies of memory
  • Materiality and material culture

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3. Arts and Media (MRes):

The course is dynamic and offers students a unique opportunity to perform research within the arts, media, and design disciplines. Students can critically evaluate research tools and apply them in the extensive research modules.

Course Overview:

Our course is situated in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, where there is an energetic community of staff and understudies seeking after expressions and media disciplines. The faculty members use a plethora of methodologies to generate fruitful results. The MRes is outfitted towards working with your research interests, and you will be coordinated with staff ready to direct you in your investigations, research, and practical activities.

Research Modules:

You will come across various research and investigation aspects in the arts and media field during your degree. The discipline is vibrant enough to offer you useful insights into modern-day practices. Moreover, the faculty is always ready to help you in areas where you feel confused. You will study the following research modules during your degree.

  • Research methods in arts and media
  • Research project
  • Research proposal development

These research-oriented modules will enable you to develop strong research and analytical skills. Are you interested in pursuing your career in this field? Get in touch with the Top education consultants in Pakistan and proceed with your application process.

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